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About us

  The i-Nailing™ is an R&D team. Its, so far, most remarkable achievement is a promising intramedullary visual guide for rendering the closed fracture reduction safer quicker and more accurate, reducing the use of x-rays and the radiation thereof. 

  The i-Nailing™ guide can be used in long bone shaft fractures treated with either retrograde or antegrade intramedullary nail.

The i-Nailng™ visual guide has been granted a positive written opinion from EPO in the context of a PCT patent application.

  A PCT application has been filed for the invention presented below, for which a positive ISR and WO has been granted from the EPO as ISA

The Challenge

   The purpose of the invention is to find a solution in a problem that the orthopedic community faces in intramedullary nailing surgeries and, more specifically, in the closed reduction of fractures, that is in the first stage of the surgery.

    In the techniques that are used, today, in intramedullary nailing , the closed reduction of fractures is one of the most difficult steps of the surgery. Difficult, timely and patient handling is required, along with a constant intraoperative x-ray control

Our Solution

   The present invention concerns a product for the closed reduction of fractures and, more specifically, a new type of intramedullary cannulated guide for fracture reduction with an endoscopic camera for use in intramedullary nailing surgeries. 



The i-Nailing™ is a visual fracture reduction guide ,used for the reduction of long bones , such as femur , tibia and humerus .
Using the i-Nailing™ the procedure of fracture reduction becomes safer, simpler , quicker and more accurate.
The i-Nailing™ visual reduction guide is compatible with all types of intramedullary nail.
The i-Nailing™ visual reduction guide is an important surgical device that protects the healthcare professionals and patients from radiation.


  The i-Nailing™ guide can be used in

long bone shaft fractures treated with either retrograde or antegrade intramedullary nail.







  • Radiation free

  • Reduced surgical time

  • Minimizes the possibilities for serious injury of soft tissues 

  •  Accurate

  • Simple



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